Zounds Hearing Franchises


Perfect Clarity purchased a Zounds Hearing franchise that specialized in selling high quality, affordable hearing aids through traditional marketing strategies. The Corporate Digital Branding toolkit provided to franchisees lacked a modern, crisp look and feel, and did not provide the right tools and content for Perfect Clarity to effectively market their business online.


To overcome the non-“new economy” marketing tools provided by Zounds Corporate, Acktivate designed a custom responsive WordPress website with action-oriented content to help guide the visitor down the “purchase path” or conversion funnel.  Acktivate designed the Search Engine Optimized content and strategy around six key themes based on industry research and keywords consumers were currently searching for as to capture the existing geo-targeted hearing aid market.  Acktivate also worked with Perfect Clarity to establish themselves as a cornerstone of the community – a strategy that would tap into the target audience’s desire to support local businesses and give back to the community they helped build and prosper.