Welcome to Acktivate. If you’re here, you’re probably looking for information about why Acktivate is better than the other digital marketing solutions you’re in the process of vetting. So, here’s why:

  • You’re the focus of our business — we create custom marketing solutions to fit your business. We don’t want to change your company or force trend-based marketing methodologies or technologies.
  • We continuously pursue greater ROI — we apply analytics to all digital marketing and transparently work with you to explain what they mean, define business-growth KPIs, and pivot flexibly.
  • We educate — our goal isn’t to automate your marketing, but to make you a better all-around marketer by teaching you best practices related to your specific business goals.
  • We love technology — you can trust us to remain ahead of the curve, not only in identifying the important marketing technologies making headlines, but critically analyzing and applying only the most relevant approaches to your marketing mix.

Talk with our founder today about how Acktivate and your business can partner to create a long-term digital marketing strategy that helps you meet your customers’ needs tomorrow.