Acktivate was approached by a startup that had developed an over-the-counter effervescent tablet to naturally protect against kidney stones.  The product was in development and scheduled to launch at Whole Foods in six months but the product had not been named and a logo, tagline, color palette, brand identity, product packaging and website had not been developed.  The startup looked to Acktivate to establish their brand from the ground up and in time for distribution at Whole Foods, Amazon, and Texas-based HEB and Central Market.


Acktivate approached the project by first establishing a brand framework to establish the brand’s marketing goals, target audience, positioning, values, attributes and key differentiators. Next Acktivate developed a broad selection of product names and tag lines based on product angles – such as prevention, protection, natural and kidney health – and fielded a market research test to determine which name and tagline resonated best.  Using the market research findings, it was then time to develop the logo, color palette, brand identity, product packaging and consumer-facing website. Using a custom-designed responsive website framework and WordPress content management system (CMS), the eCommerce website was designed “mobile first” knowing that over 50% of consumers typically view a website from their smartphone.  From the front-end the website’s architecture is built to educate consumers and lead them down the purchase funnel, while on the back-end it is built to easily manage products, subscriptions and customer orders from a centralized location.